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College fests have forever been the colourful breaks in the otherwise daily routine of a student’s life. The grind that paves the way forward into professional life let up for the three days of Meraki’17. A blaze of colours and melange of people, Meraki’17 was in stark contrast to the black-and-white nature of law.

The Fine Arts events took the idea of colouring the daily groove literally. With events like Glitter with Litter and Steps and Stains, the grey-accented walls of KPMSoL were replaced with participants dressed as mobile rainbows and pirates. Decked in scrap clothes turned to haute couture and feet stained with paint instrumental building unconventional masterpieces, the Fine Arts department sparkled their way across Meraki. Snaparting, Glassy and Doodles de Chocolate witnessed liberation in art with resultant snaps, panes, and slabs of intricate designs.

Sometimes, our descriptions and words lend objects a throbbing and irreplaceable beauty. The Literary Arts events literally proved this over and over, with the aching loveliness evoked from the ethereal nature of verse, to the biting, cutting-edge mandate of a Just A Minute. It was an explosion of cleverness, honed to perfection by the ease and acerbic words of JAM-Master Hormuz Ragina, leaving the audience breathless and thoroughly entertained.

Performing Arts events have always been incredibly impressive. Akin to the Poetry Slam, the evocative nature of Motion Picture ripped off the daily mask we use as a disguise and allowed a raw naked display of emotion. It was a final depiction of truth in a college necessitating diplomacy. Additionally, the undying marriage of music and dance led to the explosion of creativity from the band event of Tone Deaf and the dance event of Offbeat. Tone Deaf was judges by Tushar Lall of The Indian Jam Project while Offbeat was judged by Simi Talsania and Tushar Shetty. Lest not forget Do You Even Karaoke? Judged by Stebin Ben and Aseem Trivedi which resulted in mellow songs reverberating through the law school.

The events of the Gaming Department were exciting, engaging, and innovative. Having exceeded their registration cap in each event, it was clear that it was a resounding success. From Call of Duty to Fifa to Mini Militia to Pool Football, the energy was running high with each competition.

And to keep up with the exuberant and exhilarating energy that Meraki commanded, refreshments were required. This was done by the Marketing Team which set up stalls in collaboration with Cupcake Factory, Vadilal, Via Calcutta, Belgian Waffles, and more. Furthermore, there were also several partnerships from Starbucks, Mukta Cinemas, and more. The combination of scrumptious waffles and warm waffles kept Meraki going strong for all three days.

A part of each person’s heart went missing during our professional pursuits- aspiring artists, phenomenal writers, bathroom singers, and so much more - but Meraki provided an opportunity for each person to delve a little bit into their past selves and regain what they love. It allowed you to realise that there is nothing greater than carpe-ing the diem, following your dreams, and having fun while at it. The meaning of Meraki is to leave a piece of your heart behind in something that you love. The vibrance of Meraki signifies colours you’ve never heard before, sounds you’ve never seen before, and conversation you’ve never felt before.

The void created due to abandoned past endeavour is filled with a feeling that participation in Meraki leaves you - a sense of limit tending to infinity.

(Written by Sara D'Sousa and Akanksha Panicker )

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