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NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law established it's Centre for Excellence in 2018. The Centre is dedicated towards enhancing productivity through quality research, training and extension programmes aimed at propagating legal values. 

In its endeavour to promote research and training in the domain of Law and allied fields, currently, the Centre invites students, research scholars, academicians, policy makers, practitioners, NGO’s and various other stakeholders to initiate a dialogue on the theme "Protection and Improvement of Environment and Safeguarding of Forests and Wildlife: Challenges and Remedies” by ensuring a thematic display of papers in an essential dissemination of knowledge.

About the Seminar

The concept of conservation and protection of Environment and Wildlife is enshrined in the IndianConstitution under Directive Principles of State Policy in Article 48 A and 51A (g) along with a series of legislations like The Environment (Protection) Act, The Indian Forest Act, etc.

While with the opening up of Indian markets and process of globalization, the country has made significant progress economically but, on the other hand, issues such as depletion of the ecosystem and lack of conservation efforts have also come to fore. The causes of degradation of environmental resources lie ultimately in a broad range of policy, and Institutional, including regulatory shortcomings, leading to direct causes.

The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, in its State of Environment Report, India, 2009 observed that Habitat destruction, over-exploitation, pollution, and species introduction are the major causes of loss of wildlife and environment in India.

In this backdrop, it is extremely pertinent to discuss and deliberate on issues pertaining to theprotection and conservation of India’s ecosystem and wildlife. The National Seminar will encourage deliberations on diverse issues with respect to protection, conservation, and discussion on the effectiveness of International conventions pertaining to the ecosystem and its implementation.

Thematic Areas of Seminar

-Legal Framework for Protecting Environment and Wildlife in India

-Effectiveness of International Conventions pertaining to Environment and Wildlife conservation and protection laws and their implementation.

-Constitutionality of animal rights and the role of the government in protection of animal right in India. Animals’ right to a natural habitat vis-à-vis humans’ right to development.

-Animal ethics and need to regulate cruelty towards animals as a part of tradition and as a source of entertainment.

-The growing business of Poaching as a result of unemployment in tribal areas.

-Approach of Judiciary towards protection and conservation of Environment and Wildlife in India.

-Role of indigenous communities in the preservation and conservation of Biodiversity in India.

-Environmental Economics, Politics and Policies

-Sustainable Development and ‘New India’ Initiatives stimulating employment and Environment Conservation

-Concept of Eco-Tourism in Protected Areas

-Need for initiatives such as health care facilities to Animals, Animal census and monitoring to prevent poaching and other illegal practices.

-Human and Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Impact and Role of Technology in Protection and Conservation of Environment.

 Looking forward to host you on 16th February, 2019.

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