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Ms. Afrin Khan

Assistant Professor



Human Rights

Interest Areas

International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law.


  • Member on Editorial/ Review Board on various National and International Journals


  • All India Law Teachers Congress

Research & Publications


  • Afrin Khan ‘The violation of right to health with specific reference to civilians in conflict zones and refugees’- published in Health Law Jurisprudence: A 360 degree perspective at S.V.K.M’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai. ISBN 978-93-86196-55-2 [2017]
  • Afrin Khan ‘Human Rights of Pirates: A critique’-published in ‘Balance’ at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. ISSN 2455-6467 [2016]
  • Co-authored a paper titled ‘Human Rights of Climate Refugees: A critical analysis of their need for recognition and resettlement’ published in MATS University Journal, ISSN 2250-3889. [2015]
  • Afrin Khan ‘Combating Female Genital Mutilation: Challenges involved and plausible solutions’ published by the International Journal of Legal Research, Volume 1 Issue 3. ISSN- 2349-8463 [2015]
  • Afrin Khan, book review on ‘Memoirs of a boy soldier’ by Ishmael Beah, published by the World Journal of Juristic Polity, Volume 1, Number 2, ISSN 2394-5044. [2015]

Book chapters:

  • Afrin Khan (2016), “Fact-Finding by United Nations Human Rights Complaint Bodies- A Critique”, Interdisciplinary Integration for Legal Enrichment, Asia Law House, ISBN 978-93-85989-98-8

Review of Publications

  • Reviewer for the Christ University Law Journal ,ISSN 2278-4322 Issue 8 Vol. 5 [2016]


Authored a paper titled ‘Paws, Claws and Tails- The need for animal rights’ published in the annual issue of L’avocat- A college news letter at S.V.K.M’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai. [2009].

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