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Guest Sessions (2019-20)

Name of Guest Speaker Topic Date of Lecture
Ms. Neha Ramani IP Law 10.08.2019
Mr. Bhumesh Verma
Reviewing & Drafting of Commercial Contracts 29.01.2019
Mr. Ajay Dcruz
Drafting and Vetting of Contracts. 12.01.2019

Guest Sessions (2018-19)

Name of Guest Speaker Topic Date of Lecture
Advocate Mr. Vicky Shah Seminar on Intellectual Property and Pirates of the Internet. New Age Media & More! 15.12.2018
Shri Abhinav Pandey
Inculcating Excellence: DJS & RJS Topper's Journey, Challenges, Success and Lifeof audge 08.12.2018
Mr. Jehangir Gai
Guest Lecture on Consumer Protection Act,1986 31.10.2018
Prof. Sarah Harding Comparative legal systems and Global Legal Education 27.10.2018
MR. Bharat Mehta
Legal issues in IT sector and Work Culture in MNC’s 13.10.2018
Mr. Pranav Sharma
Secure Lending Transactions in India 06.10.2018
Dr. Priti Saxena
Basic Features of the Indian Constitution – Recent Trends 17.10.2018
Mr. Shailendra Bhandare
Guest Lecture on Trademark 06.10.2018
Mr. Shashank Rao
Guest Lecture on the role of the Trade Union 03.10.2018
Mr. Firdoshali Karachiwala
Guest Lecture on Mediation 15.09.2018
Mr. Pushpak Singh
Patent Prior Art Search 15.09.2018
Mr. Richie Sancheti
Private Equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Funds: Applicable Laws and role of a fund counsel 08.09.2018
Mr. Vikram Shroff
The new and exciting world of HR Laws 01.09.2018
Ms. Gausia Shaikh
2 day workshop conducted by the Centre for Excellence on the " Fundamentals of Researching" for your kind perusal 31.08.2018 - 01.09.2018
Mr. Vivek Daswaney
Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code and guidance on Internships at Law Firms 18.08.2018
Adv. Advait Sethna
ADR Committee Kickstarts its First Event  18.08.2018
Adv. Audrey D'Mello.
Critical aspects of POCSO 16.08.2018
Shri Vinod Sharma
Corporate Law & the working of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs 11.08.2018

Guest Sessions (2017-18)
Term I - Academic Year 2017-18

Name of Guest Speaker Topic Date of Lecture
C Veeramani
Guest Lecture on Global Supply Chains by C. Veeramani 31.03.2018
Mr. Abishek Venkataraman
Insider Trading and FUTP (Fraudulent and Unfair Trade Practice) Regulations. 14.12.2017 - 16.12.2017
Mr. Shailesh Gandhi
Right to Information 02.12.2017
Mr. Kevin Schneider
Animal Personhood and the Non-Human Rights Project 30.11.2017
Mr. Siddharth Acharya
Special Status of Jammu & Kashmir  NA
Gautam Chemburkar
Bracing the Emerging Paradigm 25.11.2017
Persis Hodiwalla
Drafting Talent Agreements and Film Business
Ms. Sharmishta Saha
Theatre Workshop for First Year BA & BBA LL.B. (Hons.) 23.11.2017 - 25.11.2017
Shri Rajiv Agrawal
Functioning of Local Self Governance in India 07.10.2017

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