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College is a phase of growing and learning. My experience at NMIMS School of Law has been a learning experience where with the best of the knowledge resources, I have been able to achieve my professional goals. The last four years have taught me a lot and it has been an enriching experience!!!

Shivani Prasad
B.B.A., LL.B. (Batch 2015 – 20)


The best thing about NMIMS KPMSOL, hands down, is the highly qualified and approachable faculty who go out of their way to help you not only with academics but with every event and extra-curricular activity you decide to pull off. Talk about research papers or moot court competitions, or academics, they give their 100% to make sure we always stay on the top.

Shreya Chamaria
B.B.A., LL.B. (Batch 2016 – 21)


When I first entered this college, I was shocked to see the campus of this college. But I realized, the smaller the campus, the closer everyone in the college is. You get to know everyone from senior most batch to freshers, making it a healthy environment of growth and development. The feared Attendance Policy that overwhelms everyone when they first hear about it, is in favor of the students as they soon realize in continuous internship breaks the curriculum provides. Lastly, the experienced faculties here make you a better human being, and prepare of almost every challenge you might face in your career.

Ketan Sarraf
B.B.A., LL.B. (Batch 2015 – 20)


The best thing, which has also been often hailed as the worst thing about our college is our attendance policy, though strict once you get used to it, you realise that it helps a lot, it forced us to sit in lectures and learn, and also make friendships which would last a lifetime, the faculties are excellent, they are mentors and not just professors, we have at least 3-4 jitu bhaiya's and we could not be more grateful.

Ivin George
B.B.A., LL.B. (Batch 2015 – 20)


Choosing to study in Kirit P. Mehta School of Law was on of the best decisions that I have made for myself because NMIMS does not just focus on any one aspect but strives for the holistic development of each of its student unlike any other law school. I know that I am a better individual, both personally and professionally because of the environment that school of law has offered and isn't that what a college should do for you?

Nikita Gupta
B.A., LL.B. (Batch 2016 – 21)


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