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Guest: Mr. Saumen Vidyarthi, Senior Advocate -  High Court Bombay

Date: 15th April, 2017

Mr. Vidyarthi delivered a lecture on Employee Compensation Act. He was able to render both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students. The lecture began with sir explaining us the basic concepts as to what is insurance, who is an employee, etc. Further, he proceeded to explain us the concept through the legal sections. He then explained each section of the Act in detail; particularly sections 2(d), 3, 4, 5 and 8 and schedule 4 & 5 were focused upon by him.

Also, after the legal analysis and explanation of the concepts, we were given a practical view of the act and various questions were answered pertaining to the same such as:

• How is the compensation to be given?
• What are the calculation methods?
• Is it adequate or not?

The main focus of the lecture was the difference between partial disablement and disablement, which was clearly explained to us with relevant examples. Thus, the lecture was very enriching and all the students have a better understanding of both the law and the practical aspects relating to the same after the said lecture.

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