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In Contemporary society, the importance of interdisciplinary research is becoming more and more important. It synthesizes the ideas and characteristics from other disciplines and deepens the learning experience. Concurrently, law is also a sphere of study which can be examined from its socio-economic and political perspective, employing wide range of techniques and methodologies. In this context SVKM’s NMIMS School of Law proposes to start an Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Law and Humanities (IRCL&H) for interdisciplinary research in Law and Humanities, where the researchers will get a platform for understanding the actual operation of law in society. Research in social science should move beyond passive research initiatives like seminars and academic journals to active social intervention which is meaningful to all the sectors of society. Therefore, the main objective of this centre will be to carry out empirical research in interdisciplinary subject in relation with law.

IRCL&H mainly aims to focus on various approaches to the study of law in society, which critically examines the interaction between laws – legal and non-legal institutions. It is intended to develop the appreciation of law as a social phenomenon by utilizing various research tools to arrive at possible solutions. With IRCL&H, researchers can actively engage in critical discourse and intervention strategies with respect to law and society.

IRCL&H will include interdisciplinary research in political science, sociology, economics, communication, literature, linguistics, gender studies and psychology. It intends to focus on academic research by evaluating the impact of legal rules and its influence in society.

Objectives of the centre

Interdisciplinary centre for law and humanities seeks to provide interdisciplinary intellectual setting where faculties and researchers interested in socio-legal studies can engage and exchange research ideas useful for the welfare of the society.

In particular the centre seeks to:

  • Encourage interdisciplinary research and to coordinate and undertake research that explores various dimensions of themes of legal intersectionality, thereby improving quality of socio-legal research.
  • Undertake action research on significant social issues and to come up with policy recommendation thereby assisting in policy drafting of such issues.
  • To carry out UGC – Minor /Major projects in various interdisciplinary subjects addressing sensitizing issues of the society.
  • To motivate and encourage researchers to participate in action research which enables to arrive at holistic perspective of society.
  • To encourage the researchers to conduct meaningful research and publish their findings in reputed peer reviewed national, international journals, books and policy documents.

With this perspective, the research enquires of the centre focuses on

  • Gender & Health
  • Crime & society
  • Violence Against women
  • Environment & society
  • Child rights
  • Media & Communication
  • Culture & social interaction
  • Language and Literature
  • Urban studies
  • Law enforcement & society
  • Social inclusion & exclusion
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Human rights
  • Economic & community development
  • Gerontological studies
  • And other allied areas

Some of the activities proposed by the Centre are:

  • Undertake action research in various sensitive issues in society
  • Awareness drives on various Legislations
  • Organise workshops /national /international seminars
  • Organise lecture series and brain storming sessions
  • Workshops for various targeted groups in the society
  • Collaboration with Government /international bodies /various NGO working at grassroots levels on various issues concerning violence against women, elderly, children and men.
  • Working paper series/interdisciplinary research journal in law & humanities

*Purposes to undertake seminal work in the area of Gerontological studies/Surrogacy/Euthanasia.


Faculty Co-ordinator: Dr. Vrinda Mohan. P, Mr.Rakesh Nambiar

Advisory Body: Dr. Rhishikesh Dave, Dean (School of Law, NMIMS) & others Committee Members: Faculties & concerned Researchers of SVKM’s School of Law, NMIMS.

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