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The NMIMS School of Law Legal Aid Clinic aims to -

  • Render social justice to the marginalised communities of society 
  • Identify challenges to the access of social justice for the poor 
  • Sensitise the students of NMIMS School of Law to comprehend the conditions of the marginalised communities of society and their legal rights. 
  • To facilitate legal knowledge of students by their participation in real life cases and render pro bono services to the marginalised communities of society. 
  • To help create a socially responsible legal profession with a spirit of public service.

Legal Aid in prisons

  • Creating Awareness and legal literacy among prisoners and undertrials by conducting Street Plays, lectures, Pamphlets (in vernacular languages), etc. on the rights of prisoners, undertrials, plea bargaining, legal aid, bail provisions, methods of appeals, etc. 
  • Advice the inmates by conducting one to one cases, to know their legal issues, type of help required with reference to prison law manuals, eligibility of legal aid and assistance, and preparing applications for bail. 
  • Actual legal aid to inmates by pro bono lawyers or Legal Aid duty counsels.

Legal Awareness - 

  • Rights of the accused when arrested 
  • Rights of the undertrials to free legal aid, personal bail bonds and safeguards from torture and extorted confessions by law enforcement agencies. 
  • Right to plea bargaining and application for compounding of offences 
  • Right to regular bail

Legal Advice -

  • Intensive study of the individual case and advice appropriate legal steps to be taken. 
  • To contact family members in case the relative/friends are unaware about the arrest. 
  • To inform the inmate on his/her eligibility to get legal aid.

Legal Assistance- 

  • Immediate legal aid to those who are old and infirm, women who are pregnant or have babies to be nursed. 
  • Preparations of Paper Book during trail and appeals 
  • Drafting of legal documents and application for bail/ discharge in the case of undertrial. 
  • To try and settle the case by plea bargaining or compounding of offenses under various provisions of the Cr. P.C. 
  • Engaging legal practitioners to represent the jail inmates / undertrials 
  • Obtaining the status of the particular case from the records of the court and obtaining certified copies of court proceedings 
  • To take up the any grievances of the prison inmate with the jail authorities. 
  • In case of those who are convicted, obtain order/judgment of the court, to file an appeal in the High court/Supreme Court 
  • To make an application for parole and furlough where the inmate is eligible for the same. 
  • To ensure release, in case the offences are petty, where the release is possible under Maharashtra Police Act, under personal bond. 
  • To engage a counsel to represent undertrials in court who have spent considerable period in jail and are devoid of any financial means. 
  • Obtaining certified copies of judgments or orders or other legal documents pertaining to the legal proceedings, payment of court fees, processed fees and other expenses incurred during the trial or appeal. 
  • To gather statistics about issues faced by undertrials / convicts / detenue, conduct legal research on the same and give suggestions for legal reforms in prison administration.

Besides the above, the legal aid centre would also assist people in settling their disputes by mediation or conciliation in the legal aid centre or during legal aid camps and conduct legal literacy programmes in the area, especially in the slum areas adjoining the NMIMS School of Law. The Legal Aid Centre would also assist people in matters that are civil, labour, family or matters pertaining to accidental deaths or disabilities or any other legal assistance arising in course of the indigent seeking advice.

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