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Yoga, one of the ancient forms of Indian cultural heritage received from Sankya Yoga Maharishi Patanjali has been accepted internationally by United Nations to be celebrated as International Yoga Day on 21st June every year. SVKM’s NMIMS Kirit P Mehta School of Law, conducted a workshop to celebrate International Yoga Day and raise awareness about health and happiness through Yoga. In this regard, the Law School invited Shri Ganesh Nayak, an experienced Yoga Instructor from Yogacara Institute to come to the campus and conduct a health workshop. Shri Nayak holds a Diploma in Yoga Philosophy from University of Mumbai. The participants for the session included the Dean – Dr. Alok Misra, all teaching faculty members and non-teaching staff. As students had gone for long leave they were unable participate in the workshop.

Shri Nayak, introduced the philosophy of Yoga as a practice for life and the importance of breathing for maintaining health and happiness. He elucidated that the Yoga philosophy began as Hata Yoga which went on to be great influence for Hinduism and Buddhism schools of meditation. He then, took expectations from participants and brilliantly incorporated it in the workshop. He deftly moved to the part of teaching the participants the basics of Asanas and meditation. For almost an hour, Shri Nayak slowly twisted and relaxed every muscle of the participants. The exercises gradually led some participants to sweat and ache but at the end, they thoroughly enjoyed the session.

By noon, when the session reached an end, Shri Nayak took questions from participants related to health and fitness. The participants interacted with him to know about basic tips on meditation and health. The instructor rounded off the event by taking feedback from the participants in the one and half hour session. The participants thanked Mr. Nayak for conducting such a wonderful session and meeting their expectations. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by KPMSoL Dean Dr. Alok Misra. Shri Nayak stressed that regular scheduling of such workshops actually helps to see concrete change in participants. The purpose of International Yoga Day was served as all participants resolved to schedule some asanas daily.



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