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Key Features

KPMSOL Key Features

  • Trimester based terms.
  • Curriculum for building legal skills.
  • Outcome based learning.
  • Globally relevant internet database with Wi-Fi at campus and hostel.
  • Qualified & experienced faculties from academia.
  • Regular interaction with Law firms, Judiciary, Senior Lawyers from Legal industry and other prominent personalities.
  • Credit Based Compulsory Internship Program.
  • Placement cell with professionalism.
  • Choice based Credit system.
  • Mentorship Program and support of In-House Psychologist.

Program Features

  • First “Kirit P Mehta School of Law” in State Maharashtra to have Bar Council of India’s approval for 5 years integrated Degree Honors Program; B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) and B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.), since 2013-14.
  • KPMSOL shall provide (Hons.) Specialization in Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Crime & Criminology & Constitutional Law.
  • Trimester based terms.
  • Curriculum for building legal skills.
  • Qualified, experienced sincere and dedicated faculties from academia  and industry.
  • Guest lectures by Leading Luminaries from Law firms, Judiciary, Lawyers, Industry, International Law & World Trade.
  • Syllabus is prepared under the joint supervision / guidance of Academicians, Law Firm Partners / Representatives, Judiciary and Industry Representatives as per demand of the time.
  • Pedagogy would be ever evolving process endured to be pragmatic and application oriented.
  • Elective Courses from emerging areas of Law.
  • Courses on Critical Thinking, Legal Writing etc. to develop practical skills.
  • Evaluation is transparent and criteria based.
  • Students are encouraged to raise questions, doubts, seek clarification and could volunteer for Academic Support Program.
  • Students are encouraged to realize the impact of evolving cultural, social, political and economic transformation with evolving demands all around Justice, more specifically with reference to Laws, judicial interpretation, delay in disposal of cases, consequences thereof etc.
  • Institute of Intellectual Property Studies (IIPS) is a brand with reputation and recognition in India and abroad with 33 assisted placements till date. IIPS is part of SOL.
  • KPMSOL-IIPS is associated with more than 65 visiting faculty from recognized Industry in addition to Full Time Faculty. IIPS with such a sound base is bound to deliver BEST to desired School of Law students to specialize in Intellectual Property Rights.
  • KPMSOL-IIPS has been approached by more than 56 Companies/Law firms all over India, till this day. (For List of the Companies/Law Firms click here.)
  • Planned and focused credit based Compulsory Internship Program
  • Placement cell would be assisting NMIMS - KPMSOL students at the end of the 5th year for their placement.

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