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ADR Mediation Workshop - 2016

The two day workshop began on 17.11.2016 with Adv. Firdoshali Kassam (Karachiwala), Chairman Centre for A.D.R., Mumbai, explaining to that mediation is not only expeditious, but also cost friendly, relaxed and leads to an amicable agreement or settlement between the parties and that alternative dispute settlement methods, mediation in specific, are the need of the hour and the method to keep up with the times, with an 80% success rate in the same. Great emphasis was laid on several valuable tricks of the trade such as - "communication is key" and that "an arbitrator is a good option generator" and shall be a good listener as well, who can think outside the box, making neither party compromise too much or too little .One key point which makes mediation an attractive method of dispute settlement is the confidentiality that is maintained throughout the process, with the mediator controlling the process, while the parties control the outcome, as was explained to us in detail by Sir.

The second day of the workshop was marked by a lot of activities such as fish bowl exercise and Role Plays. The students were divided into 15 groups with six students each in every group. The students were assigned the roles of Mediator, Co-mediator, Plaintiff, Plaintiffs Advocate, Defendant and Defendants Advocate. Each group as given a problem to mediate upon. The role Plays were followed by the Presentations by every group.

The two day mediation workshop was indeed a very enriching experience.

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